Project Overview

The I-RESTART project aims reskilling and upskilling the workforce in the agri-food and veterinary sectors, retrain the employees leaving the heavy industry to hire them in the agri-food sector, and engage some students that want to enter the agri-food labour market, to improve their digital skills and facilitate the transition to the Green Deal initiative.

To reach these objectives, I-RESTART will facilitate the inter-sectoral and intergenerational skills transfers through the adoption of an innovative micro-credentials methodology that will provide inclusive, flexible and engaging work-based patterns with mentors while opening the ecosystem also to external workers.

The project, complementing the FIELDS Blueprint on agriculture and forestry, will provide the tools to tackle the future challenges with the offering of 10 occupational profiles (EQF 4, 5 and 6) for a total of 3200 hours of training and 3600 hours of work-based learning period. In total 16 trainers and 120 trainees will benefit from the pilot training in 8 countries, and 40 students will complete the work-based learning scheme that also includes the advanced entrepreneurial skills and involves 32 mentors.

The 29 partners consortium from 11 countries will identify skills needed (including urgent ones) and gaps, create occupational profiles, detailed curricula, design European strategies and 10 country roadmaps to reflect the country’s needs while keeping EU quality standards (ESCO, EQAVET) to address the mobility of learners through Europe.

Partners Consortium

3200 Hours

of Training

3600 Hours

of work-based learning period