IT Support Services


During project implementation, partners will study the existing tools, instruments and framework existing at the EU level in order to further use them, be compliant with them or integrate them in all project activities.


To feed the database (that will share a common infrastructure with the FIELDS project), all partners will provide information on relevant national practices and will synthesize the outputs of their previous projects that can be used within I-RESTART. In particular the on-going Blueprint FIELDS, and its WP1 outputs will be leveraged and supplemented with up-to-date inputs. Other relevant projects have been described in annex 4 of Part B of this proposal and will be used for this task as well.

Curricula >

The Curricula/courses database complements the information on VET schools, VET providers and other educational providers in general.

Projects >

The projects database provides information on the state of the art of the European projects with reference of agriculture, forest and related sectors (Bio-economy, Digitalisation, Soft skills and Sustainability).

Best practices >

The best practices database provides information of successes in the project areas: sustainability, digitalisation, bio-economy, soft-skills, new technologies and training in agriculture, forestry and related sectors (agri-food and forest-based industries).

Regulatory frameworks >

The regulatory framework is studied to make sure that the strategy can be implemented locally. This database aims at preparing the roll-out of project deliverables at national and regional levels with the relevant governmental and sectoral authorities.