I-RESTART Public documents

Trends and Scenario Analysis

This document analyses and summarises the trends in three different sectors in the consortium’s countries, and then prepares the trends for three scenarios that are foreseen: local route for sustainability, route continued for sustainability, and techn route for sustainability.

These scenarios are then exploited to identify skills for each sector, that will be developed throughout the project.

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Report on Open Days

In this report we inlcuded general information about the open days organized throughout the countries involved in this project.
The feedbacks of the workforce involved and participating in the training have been added to this report to allow for different points of view.

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Report on urgent skills needs per country and per sector

In this report we identified urgent skills needs fostered by the COVID-19 crisis and the emerging technologies, green and digital transition for agri-food and veterinary sector.

This study was based on available outputs from the Skills Panorama platform from CEDEFOP which integrates in one single portal data and information on skills needs and mismatches from EU, the ESCO database, the AER roundtable of April 2021, the EIP-Agri seminar on digital skills, the IOF2020 project  and all useful inputs from partners previous or on-going project on the subject (FIELDS, PLANET, SAGRI, ASKFOOD, FIT4FOOD, etc).

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Update of database and platform

This document summarises the activity towards the collection of data and how the databases were structured. I-RESTART used the platform framework of the Erasmus+ Blueprint project FIELDS, which had already developed a database with the same objectives of data collection as the project I-RESTART. Some modifications were required to separate the inputs. The rationale behind this decision was due to the equal structure needed for the data collection, but the different nature of the partners and data collection required. Thus, FIELDS collected data mostly on agriculture, food industry and forestry sectors, with a strong focus on bioeconomy, sustainability and digitalisation fields; I-RESTART collected data from the animal production, veterinary and food industry sectors with a strong focus in further fields. Here the fields covered: Digitalisation, Sustainability and bioeconomy, Business and entrepreneurship, Soft skills, One-health, Sector specific emerging trends.

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Report on the Pact for Skills initiatives

The report discusses various EU initiatives and frameworks related to skills development. It begins with an overview of the European Skills Agenda, a five-year plan to enhance skills quality and relevance, bridge the skills gap, and create a supportive ecosystem for skill development. The document also introduces the European Year of Skills, which addresses skills gaps within the EU and promotes digital and green technology skills through reskilling initiatives. Furthermore, the Pact for Skills is highlighted as a shared engagement model that fosters collaboration between public and private entities to address skills needs and promote lifelong learning. The report explores the Agri-Food Pact for Skills Partnership, which addresses skills challenges in the agri-food ecosystem and highlights the relevance of the I-RESTART project in supporting the Pact for Skills. Lastly, the text reports on the Food Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) initiative by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the European educational frameworks, and tools contributing to skills development and recognition in Europe.

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