Paola Pittia, Marco Faieta, Nadia Gatti.

University of Teramo (UniTE) develops research and Higher Education activities in two main areas related to humanities (law, politics and communication sciences), and scientific disciplines (agriculture, food, veterinary medicine, biotechnology) organised in 5 Departments. The academic offer includes 22 Degree Programs (1st level, 2nd level) 7 Doctoral programs and, in a Lifelong Learning perspective, over 25 post-graduation/specialization masters. Innovative educational paths are implemented based on job market needs at regional, national and international level and by close interaction with key stakeholders. UNITE promotes internationalisation via diverse actions along with transnational mobility of students, researchers and teachers through both ERASMUS+ projects and other international frameworks; it is involved in other collaborative and cooperation programmes with no-EU countries. The Department of Bioscience and Technology for Food, Agriculture and Environment encompasses degree programmes related to the agri-food area: Food Science and Technology (1st and 2nd level Degree-International), Oenology and Viticulture and Biotechnology (1st level) and Advanced Biotechnologies (2nd level) along with the Doctoral programme on Food Sciences. UNITE develops training initiatives in a Lifelong learning perspective and post-graduated master courses (e.g. Precision agriculture, Wine business). Research activities are carried out on various aspects of agri-food systems in 10 Research Units and well-equipped laboratories (Food Technology; Chemical Methodologies and Food Analysis; Agricultural economics; Food and environmental microbiology, Agronomy and Crop Sciences; Energy and Environment; Biochemistry) supported and sponsored by projects funded by national and international, public and private entities including food industries.